Do you need encouragement in your writing?

Do you get discouraged at times?

Need motivation?

I understand.

My name is Sharon Gibson. I’ve done a variety of writing, and I would love to encourage you in your writing! Writing for fun or profit is a passion of mine. I know it can be difficult at times to achieve your writing dreams. I’ve found proven ways to get out of those negative places to accomplish your writing desires.

I’m here to reassure you, even though it’s challenging to learn good writing skills, you can learn to write well.

You might be curious about how I started on this writing journey.

Here’s how my love affair with writing started.

I stumbled across a book on how to write in a co-worker’s library. The contents lit a candle of passion in me for this wonderful craft. The flame continues to grow brighter and brighter the more I learn and practice good writing skills.

I believe you will also find learning how to write for fun and profit to be one of life’s most rewarding journeys.

My experience in various areas of writing enables me to share good writing principles with you.

As a business writer, my experience includes writing blog posts and articles, writing sales presentations, annual reports, promotional brochures and leaflets, speeches and marketing plans. I will be glad to assist you as you create your own.

If you want to write blogs and articles that captivate your reader’s attention, I’d love to teach you proven strategies to write compelling posts and articles.

As a writer for non-profit organizations, my experience includes speaking, writing stories, news updates and promotional materials and online blogging. It would be my privilege to assist you and share my expertise to support you in achieving your goals of your non profit writing. Non profits are near and dear to my heart.

If you seek to be published, I can assist you in learning good writing skills to increase your chances of getting published.

My stories have been published in:

  • Chicken Soup for Mothers and Sons
  • Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman’s Soul
  • Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul
  • Grace Givers by Dr. David Jeremiah
  • Celebrate Dads
  • For Better or Worse, Encouragement for Husbands and Wives
  • Hello Future! Insights for the Graduate
  • Several fictional children’s stories in The Kids Ark magazine
  • Greeting cards for DaySpring Cards
  • A poem in Decision magazine

You might find some of my other life experiences interesting. Here is a summary.

One of my life’s mission is to raise up children from poverty to fulfill their God given potential. Personally, I’ve adopted seven teens from poverty backgrounds, one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done in my life.

My parents did mission work in Africa in what used to be the Belgian Congo and now called, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My dad broke down languages and translated the Bible so the people could read it and my mother taught women how to read, basic hygiene and how to care for their families. They also had a home for orphans and cared for the African community in many other ways.

I went to school in Kenya, East Africa at Rift Valley Academy. After I returned to the USA, I finished high school and then graduated from the University of Kansas in Speech Communications and Human Relations.

My work experience includes election to the House of Representatives in a Midwestern State, retail gift store owner, teacher at a Ranch for men from Skid Row L.A., California, where my husband was the director, a Product Manager in the marketing department of a large greeting card company and the Director of Communications for a non-profit ministry.

As a writer, creativity is critical so I purposefully explore other creative activities and I encourage you to do the same. Art enraptures my heart. I’m drawn to impressionism and realism and especially nature scenes.

Personally, I enjoy painting with watercolor, especially flowers.  I do some calligraphy and used to do scrapbooking and I love having fun with photography.

To keep my writing mind sharp, I benefit from exercising regularly and especially enjoy walking outside. I take pleasure in eating healthful foods and seeking natural remedies. One my favorite natural health remedies is a pure source of essential oils.

Of course every good writer is a good reader as I’m sure you are. I love to read to learn and grow as a writer and as a person.