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Are You a Pond or River Writer?

Are you a river or a pond with your writing? Do you let what you have to say flow out of you or do you keep it gathering inside of you?

A river writer lets what they have to say flow out. A pond writer keeps it to themselves.

I have a confession to make. For many years I was a pond instead of a river. I  gathered all this wonderful knowledge, wisdom and insight and would not get around to writing about it.


How to Write: How Can You Profit From the Problems in Your Life?

Do you ever get discouraged with your writing or writing business? Do you get down? Frustrated? What do you do?

I’ve written about the fun and creative part of writing but there is often another part that goes with the writing journey. Today, I am in a funk. I didn’t sleep enough hours last night. I got discouraged because of some technical problems with my website and email program. I have some ergonomic problems that cause my hands to hurt and backaches etc from sitting too long at the computer in an inadequate chair. In fact I’ve been in kind of a funk for the last week for these and various other life challenges.


How to Write ~ Does Your Writing Have the Necessary Ingredients?

Does your writing have the necessary ingredients to make it tasty for your reader?

Recently, a friend made some muffins with blueberries and strawberries. They looked yummy. I could hardly wait to bite into them.

My happy face turned to a frown as my taste buds communicated their disappointment to me. The muffins did not follow through on their advertising! They did not live up to their promised appearance. 

My friend either left out some necessary ingredients, mixed the wrong ones or used something that made them taste strange. Additionally, they were bland and definitely lacked some spice or sweetener.Muffin by Serge Bertasius Photography courtesy of ID-100277627


How to Write: Learn to Juggle Your Writing

Do you find yourself trying to juggle a number of activities with your family, work and friends? There are all your household and/or work responsibilities and your desire to be with family and friends. Then there is your desire to write or maybe even your need to write because your work requires it. Added to that, you want to learn how to write or learn how to write better.  Additionally, there are all the wonderful activities and resources to explore that relate to writing. Do you drop a few balls as you try to juggle it all?

Recently, my adult son and I went to see a Russian acrobat team. They combined acrobats and comedy. One of them was a clown who did a juggling act with big bowling size balls connected with a rope. My son loves juggling and so we watched with intrigue as the juggler did some amazing things with the balls. We watched the finished act and the perfection at which he accomplished each feat from one degree of difficulty to the next.

I wondered what it would have been like if we had seen him in the beginning. I am sure he dropped a lot of balls. He didn’t start out with this degree of expertise in balancing these juggling balls. Did he stop trying?