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8 Benefits of a Daily Writing Habit

I’m celebrating achieving  my writing goals for another month of writing every single day as a result of participating in an online daily writing challenge for twenty months since January, 2014. I’ve discovered some benefits from dragging, pulling and pushing myself to meet this challenge.Pencil-whimsical with books ID-100243633

Eight Benefits of a Daily Writing Habit

1. Stronger. As I force myself to overcome the emotional resistance and obstacles, my self-discipline is strengthened. I feel stronger.

2. Self-Discipline. The self-discipline of consistency enables and benefits me in other areas of my life.

3. Capture Moments. I capture beneficial insights, anecdotes, journal entries and stories that otherwise would be lost.


Writing a Responsibility? You’re Not Alone

Do you ever feel the weight of writing as a responsibility? If so, read on and you’ll find five tips to ease the load.

For me, being a writer is both a blessing and a burden.

A blessing because I see all the stories, life lessons and wisdom nuggets in everyday life. Like butterflies, they light on my shoulder and fascinate me with their beauty.woman w-journal punsayaporn ID-100287541

A burden because I have to write them down as soon as possible. Otherwise like butterflies, they quickly fly away and I forget them.


Achieve Your Writing Dreams By Creating Momemtum

Do you have a goal, dream or desire in your heart you want to pursue?

Yesterday in my daily writing challenge group, the writing prompt invited us to look back on our writing goals and progress and to write about what happened that we didn’t expect.

More than a year has gone by since I started the challenge to write 500 words daily and now I’m in my second year of the writing discipline. I share what I’ve wrote because the principle applies to any dream or goal you decide to pursue. By sharing my experience, I hope it will encourage you to persist in pursuing your dreams.


“I Finally Found Time to Write” ~ 3 Writing Motivational Tips

“Sharon, I wanted to tell you that I’m finally finding time to write,” my friend, Sarah, stopped by my car in the park.

“Awesome!” I slammed the trunk lid down. My grandsons and I had a picnic in the park and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day. We had stopped by the car to put away the blanket and the rest of the food. My grandsons ran on to the playground.


Have Fun Organizing with an Awesome Productivity Tool

If you have bits and pieces of paper here and there with things “to do” on them, would you like to find a way to organize them all?

If you have tasks and appointments for yourself and family and I could show you a tool to keep track of them all, would you be interested?

If you get overwhelmed when you think about all you want to write and maybe even you want to write a book but you’re not sure how to organize it, would you like a tool to help you?


Are You a Pond or River Writer?

Are you a river or a pond with your writing? Do you let what you have to say flow out of you or do you keep it gathering inside of you?

A river writer lets what they have to say flow out. A pond writer keeps it to themselves.

I have a confession to make. For many years I was a pond instead of a river. I  gathered all this wonderful knowledge, wisdom and insight and would not get around to writing about it.


Writing Tips — Big Impact in a Few Minutes

What could you write today, to impact someone with your words? You may think you need to write a novel, a story or a book to make a difference in someone’s life. You are absolutely correct. Those are effective ways to influence others. Stories and books transform our lives and thinking.

However,  think with me for a minute, what you could write now to impact somebody? Maybe it’s a blog post or an article. Maybe it’s simply a comment on somebody’s Facebook or a tweet. You could write a letter, email or thank you note.


How to Write: Share Your Stories While You Can

Do you have stories to write but you haven’t gotten around to it? Do you want to share your stories with others to help them?

At an English Tea Room during the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, I met a couple of retired women dressed in color coordinated outfits with matching hats and purses. They asked what I did and when I shared that I am a writer, we started talking about learning how to write to leave a legacy for your family. One of the women said, “I need to learn how to write my life stories so my children and grandchildren can know me.” She laughed, “I want my children to know why I like the color blue.”


How to Write: Find Time to Improve Your Writing Skills

Recently, I went to a soccer game to watch my son play soccer for the middle school team. I sat by my daughter who plays soccer for the high school. I asked her, “What do enjoy the most when you play soccer? What is your strength?” She shared with me her strength.

Then I asked her, “What do you like to do in soccer?”

She said, “I like to dribble but I am not very good at it,” she sighed.

We both paused to cheer my son who made a good kick.

I challenged her, “What if you took 15 minutes a day maybe 5 days a week to practice dribbling, what would happen?”


How to Write: Learn to Juggle Your Writing

Do you find yourself trying to juggle a number of activities with your family, work and friends? There are all your household and/or work responsibilities and your desire to be with family and friends. Then there is your desire to write or maybe even your need to write because your work requires it. Added to that, you want to learn how to write or learn how to write better.  Additionally, there are all the wonderful activities and resources to explore that relate to writing. Do you drop a few balls as you try to juggle it all?

Recently, my adult son and I went to see a Russian acrobat team. They combined acrobats and comedy. One of them was a clown who did a juggling act with big bowling size balls connected with a rope. My son loves juggling and so we watched with intrigue as the juggler did some amazing things with the balls. We watched the finished act and the perfection at which he accomplished each feat from one degree of difficulty to the next.

I wondered what it would have been like if we had seen him in the beginning. I am sure he dropped a lot of balls. He didn’t start out with this degree of expertise in balancing these juggling balls. Did he stop trying?