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What I Learned From My Daily Writing Challenge

One year ago in January, 2014 I joined a writing group, challenging us to write 500 words daily. Jeff Goins who started the group asked us today, what we’ve learned as a result of the writing challenge.

Here’s some of the many things I’ve learned.

  • I can reign in my creative self to be disciplined enough to write consistently on a daily basis.
  • I need to know someone cares what I have to say and is listening, caring and following even if it’s few. Encouragement, support and accountability is vital.


How to Write: Have Fun Creating Word Pictures

Do you enjoy word pictures? Does it stimulate your creativity to create them with your writing?

I love to read good word pictures and I enjoy crafting them. Here’s one I created the other day. I had fun with it so I thought I’d share it with you and see if it would inspire you to create your own.

My sister and I sat in the lovely outdoor setting of the Carlsbad Inn in southern California gazing at the flowers and enjoying lively music from the sixties.


Creative Writing: Learn How to Write by Watching Kids Play

Would you like some new ideas on how to nurture your creative writing? Ask around and see what other people do to nurture their creativity. Watch kids when they play and observe what they do.

“What do you do to nurture your creative self?” I asked a friend of mine who I know has a creative bent.

We stood outside the building waiting for her husband to bring the car. “Hmmm, let me think about that.” She looked down at the pavement for a moment. “I go to a craft store, and look around. I might buy some new paints and take them home to play with them.


How to Write: How Can You Profit From the Problems in Your Life?

Do you ever get discouraged with your writing or writing business? Do you get down? Frustrated? What do you do?

I’ve written about the fun and creative part of writing but there is often another part that goes with the writing journey. Today, I am in a funk. I didn’t sleep enough hours last night. I got discouraged because of some technical problems with my website and email program. I have some ergonomic problems that cause my hands to hurt and backaches etc from sitting too long at the computer in an inadequate chair. In fact I’ve been in kind of a funk for the last week for these and various other life challenges.


How to Write: Write and Bring Money to Your Bucket

People will give you money

What if a unique expression of your creativity in your writing could result in people handing you money with a smile on their face?

I enjoyed an extended visit with my sister who lives in San Diego last summer. One night I took a walk for exercise. As I walked down the streets of San Diego, I happened to wander into the Gas Lamp district where there are alot of restaurants and partying going on. It is a historic district and entertainment center. People crowded the sidewalks as the energy and excitement lured them. Since I’m not from around this area I got a little lost and ended up in front of an Irish Pub. There a large black man caught my eye.


How to Write: Write to Change the World

What do you do when the power goes out? Our whole lives and of those around us revolve around power that comes from electricity. We enjoy a multitude of benefits and power is essential to our modern day lives so it’s serious when we lose it. At the same time if you look there can be some hidden benefits.

Recently, I visited my sister who lives in a high rise condo in downtown San Diego. Suddenly our computers went on battery power. My sister came in to the room where I worked, “Did you just plug something in? Our power shut off.”


How to Write: What Can Elephant Caregivers Teach You About Creative Writing?

“I really want to go to the Wild Animal Park right now. They have a lot of baby elephants and I want to photograph them before they get bigger. Then I will be able to draw them from my pictures,” my artist sister’s eyes danced and her voice filled with excitement in anticipation of gaining a treasured photo opportunity. So we packed a lunch and headed off for an adventurous day in the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. We timed our arrival at 11:30 a.m. when they let the elephants out to feed them.