If you would like to have support and encouragement in your writing, would you be interested in having someone to talk to or email about what you’re writing?

You don’t have to work alone. You can have encouragement, support and access to writing tips and productivity tips to achieve your writing dreams.

If you would like to have direction in discovering what you want to write about or choose your book topic, would you like to have someone support you in deciding what you want to write about?

If so, you can have support in helping you discover ideas or sort through the ideas you have.

If you could have support in setting goals for your writing and learn productivity tips to actually get your books or stories written and completed, would you be interested? You can have fabulous ideas but taking them to completion can be a challenge. You can have support in setting goals and learn productivity tips to get your writing projects done.

If you could have feedback on your writing to either confirm you’re doing it write or receive feedback on how to write better, would you be interested?

If so, it’s my pleasure to offer you coaching and writing critique services. I can either work with you to encourage you, to support you in finding direction in your writing,  or critique your piece as much or as little as you wish. I can even rewrite it for you in line with good writing techniques and in that process show you how to improve your writing skills.

When I coach you, I will encourage you and support you in whatever you feel the need for in your writing. I can support you as you discover your own voice, explore what you want to write about or how to set writing goals.

When you are stuck, we can figure out strategies that will work for you to move you forward. Together we can discover the unique contribution you have to make in the world or writing. Then you can own that territory because regardless of what anyone else is writing, no one will do it like you!

When I critique, I look to see how your writing flows. I will exam the structure of the whole piece to see if it is organized, if it is clear and makes sense to the reader. I look for sentence structure, run on sentences and sentence fragments. I will analyze your paragraphs to see if they transition well and if they are too long.  I look for punctuation and grammar errors.  Then I’ll advice how you  can use active versus passive verbs and how you can “show versus tell” to make your writing more compelling to your reader.  In this process, you will also learn how to improve and grow as a writer.

Here’s what  others say.

“I’ve always loved writing and was content with my writing-style until a few months ago when Sharon proof-read an eBook I wrote.  As I revised the eBook, based on Sharon’s editorial notes, she showed me that I could convey the same meaning a more concise way, thereby conveying my thoughts more effectively.  It made the ebook much easier to read and paragraphs flow much better.

 She also contributed to an Opt-in Page I wrote earlier in the year by suggesting that I highlight key phrases that would appeal to my target audience.

 Because of the impact Sharon has made on improving my writing style, each time I now write a blog post, article, eCourse, or short report I think, “Is this the best way I could express this point?” or “Could this be said in a more concise way?”  Thank you, Sharon.” Yvonne A. Jones

“Sharon has been so helpful to me. She encouraged and supported me as I dove deeper into the craft of writing. Her edits and critiques gave me insights into my voice, style, and even some of my most common grammatical mistakes. Her impute has helped me to hone my skills and grow as a writer.” Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome – Author, writer, public speaker

“Sharon has dared me to believe that I can write, and write well.  I was stuck and not going anywhere with my writing. Thanks to her insight and encouragement, I now have motivation and the direction I need to pursue writing as a career.” Gabriel Walker

If you could have someone:

  • review your story before you submit it for publication?
  • make sure your blog post or article is well written in line with good writing principles
  • review your opt in page to make sure it grabs your reader’s attention in line with good copywriting
  • help you engage your reader for your desired results
  • make sure key words are used naturally and integrated into your message

Would you be interested?

If so this service is for you!

$25 minimum for up to a 500 word story, blog post or article

$25 for an opt in page review up to 500 words. Make sure your opt in page grabs your reader’s attention.

$25 for a bio review to compel people to notice and appreciate your accomplishments.

Over 500 words and larger projects, .02 a word

$97 for a press release

Depending on the project and how much rewriting is needed, rates may be negotiable. Email me with your project ideas and sample writing and we can see what we can work out. info(at) Rates are dependent on how much rewriting is needed. For extensive rewriting, rates will be more. For less rewriting, rates could be less.

Coaching/teaching to discuss your writing and personalize advice to help your set goals, find ways to support your productivity, support you in discovering what to write about, $45 per 40 minute session or $25 for 20 minutes.

Payment is expected in advanced.

“Sharon’s ability to present writing techniques is unique and refreshing, and her positive encouragement, empowering.  I’ve talked for years about submitting articles for possible publication, but Sharon helped me make it happen.  She has amazing stories to tell, and has been through trials that would cripple many. Yet she has persevered and pursued her dreams to help others find their destiny.

Her heart of encouragement and sharing as been such a blessing to me.” Bonnie Burtraw

“Sharon is rock solid at getting projects completed on schedule.  She is generously helpful, a delight to work with and a true inspiration to everyone involved.  She brings clarity and calm as the deadline draws near.  This is a rare and special quality and makes all the difference when the going gets tough.   

Sharon is an invaluable team member and excellent manager of time and materials.  She is very sensitive to the ideas and needs of her clients, and can be counted on to keep things on track until we cross the finish line.” Columbia Jones