“My writing has transformed before my eyes.”

“Sharon’s class, “How to Write for Fun and Profit,” helped me feel more confident about my writing. I’ve always liked to write. Right out of college, I tutored Writing Composition at the same school I went to. I’ve done proofreading and editing, but didn’t give much thought to creating imagery in my writing. I never knew how to open articles with “hook” lines or “engage my reader.

Sharon’s class taught me how to write non-fiction, creatively. My own writing has transformed before my eyes.

The best part of Sharon’s class though, is she became my friend. Sharon truly cares about her students. Her enlightening personality and friendly style made me feel comfortable to open up and write, even on topics I am sensitive about.

Her critiquing is so right on. When I revised my stories incorporating her edits a new light was shed on my work. Through her class, I’ve even started my own blog.  Thank you for helping me become a better writer, Sharon!”  Zina Hermez http://www.zinahermez.wordpress.com/


“My first book is published and getting good reviews!”

“How to Write for Fun and Profit” gave me a good foundation and took my writing to a higher quality. The chapters were brief enough to keep my attention yet in depth enough to teach me important writing concepts. My first book is published and getting good reviews!  SandySolis “Spirit Wings” book series.


19873908_10154582969901456_825764352_n“Sharon Gibson was kind enough to take me under her wing for some creative coaching. As a lifetime “creative” person, some folks may think you don’t need a creative coach. Wrong. Everyone needs a mentor to step into a new level of clarity.
After my time with Sharon, I had clarity after 5 years of struggling and being stuck. She provided me with important feedback about a new product I created and showed me where a few changes would create a product worth selling. Imagine that, making money from my creative endeavors? WOW!
My hang-ups over the past year stopped me from moving my creativity and creative business forward. Now, I’m ready to move forward to use my creativity to help others with clarity, 
focus, and confidence. Kim Steadman, Creative Mentor and author of “The Creative Prayer Journal.” www.KimSteadman.com


“Sharon got me unstuck!

“I couldn’t believe how the questions she had me consider for my sales copy easily prompted my thoughts. Everything just flowed out of my heart and mind and onto the paper.

It was so important to me to find and express what she referred to as “My Voice.” I wanted to share the passion and heart behind what I do, why I do it, and not give some sales pitch. Sharon helped me get to the point where I could share an authentic, caring, side of myself. 

Her gentle, yet, straightforward guidance was exactly what I needed to get the job done. The best part was that the process became enjoyable rather than a chore. I’m still writing almost every day – just for my own pleasure.

 Big, wonderful, thanks to you Sharon! You are a great teacher and a true inspiration! 

With Excitement and Gratitude, Patty Rose Slater www.pattyrose.com Dance, Motivation and Fitness for Women and Children


“Sharon’s edits and critiques gave me insights into my voice, style, and even some of my most common grammatical mistakes.”

“Sharon has been such a blessing to me. She encouraged and supported me as I dove deeper into the craft of writing. Her edits and critiques gave me insights into my voice, style, and even some of my most common grammatical mistakes. Her inpute has helped me to hone my skills and grow as a writer.” Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome – Author, writer, public speaker


Sharon has improved my writing style.”

“I’ve always loved writing and was content with my writing-style until a few months ago when Sharon proof-read an eBook I wrote.  As I revised the eBook, based on Sharon’s editorial notes, she showed me that I could convey the same meaning a more concise way, thereby conveying my thoughts more effectively.  It made the ebook much easier to read and paragraphs flow much better. Her editing skills were a distinct asset to me in completing this book.

 She also contributed to an Opt-in Page I wrote earlier in the year by suggesting that I highlight key phrases that would appeal to my target audience.

 Because of the impact Sharon has made on improving my writing style, each time I now write a blog post, article, eCourse, or short report I think, “Is this the best way I could express this point?” or “Could this be said in a more concise way?”  Thank you, Sharon.” Yvonne A. Jones, Author of “Superior Customer Service for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs” www.qualitycustomersatisfaction.com


“Sharon’s ability to present writing techniques is unique and refreshing, and her positive encouragement, empowering.” 

“I’ve talked for years about submitting articles for possible publication, but Sharon helped me make it happen.  She has amazing stories to tell, and has been through trials that would cripple many. Yet she has persevered and pursued her dreams to help others find their destiny.
Her heart of encouragement and sharing as been such a blessing to me.”
 Bonnie Burtraw www.tradefatforlife.com


“Sharon Gibson is a very inspiring and authentic writer. Her passion for helping writers to write for fun and profit is unparalleled!

Sharon has an unwavering work ethic that is contagious. I feel very supported and encourages by Sharon. She has such an amazing way of making big scary things seem very doable. The idea of the 15 minute writer has moved me to accomplish more with my writing. I know I have a message and a voice and Sharon has inspired me to act on those promptings. I would recommend her to my clients as well as my closest friends!” Helen Raptoplous, 30-Day Productivity Challenge


“Sharon helped me to realize that I had something to say.”

She shared two strategies with me and now my writing is finally ‘unstuck’. By using my emotions as a catalyst, I am writing more than ever and in just a few short weeks I have started filling my second notebook” John Roach


“Sharon is very sensitive to the ideas and needs of her clients, and can be counted on to keep things on track until we cross the finish line.”

“Sharon is rock solid at getting projects completed on schedule.  She is generously helpful, a delight to work with and a true inspiration to everyone involved.  She brings clarity and calm as the deadline draws near.  This is a rare and special quality and makes all the difference when the going gets tough.

Sharon is an invaluable team member and excellent manager of time and materials.  She is very sensitive to the ideas and needs of her clients, and can be counted on to keep things on track until we cross the finish line.” Columbia Jones


“Sharon has dared me to believe that I can write, and write well.” 

“I was stuck and not going anywhere with my writing. Thanks to her insight and encouragement, I now have motivation and the direction I need to pursue writing as a career.” Gabriel Walker


“Sharon has many gifts, the gift of encouragement, and the gift of teaching with real life experiences that carry so much weight.”

Sharon encouraged me to take a writing course and helped me to believe in myself as a writer. Through years of tears, frustrations and thousands of visits from Insecurity and his friends, Doubt and Fear, I graduated from my writing course. I started my first novel and I am working on the rewrites now.
Sharon has many gifts, the gift of encouragement, and the gift of teaching with real life experiences that carry so much weight. I cherish her wisdom, knowledge and ability to encourage so very much!” Rebecca Williams