5 Ideas to Share Your Heart with the Gift of Writing

Have you ever wanted to give a more meaningful gift than something you buy? Are you experiencing tight finances? Have you thought about giving a gift of something that you write?

My friend and her husband had an unusual anniversary this year. As part of a special dinner they prepared and served, her four children, age 6-14 put on a skit they wrote and one of the daughters sang an original song she’d penned. The kids gave their parents the gift of writing. These gifts blessed their parents far more than anything they could have purchased.

Once a year at my writer’s club, instead of a speaker, we have a “night of sharing.” We read stories we penned that inspire us, make us laugh, and cry. For our Christmas party, we read Christmas stories & poems we wrote. We give each other the gift of our creative writing.

At our church, we have a Christmas talent show. Members put on skits or share stories they wrote or original songs. They inspire us and make us laugh. We will share with each other the gift of our writing and creativity.

Here are some ideas from my personal life. On my aunt’s 70th birthday, I wrote her a tribute. The idea came to me when my sister said, “Why do we wait until someone is dead to let them know what we appreciate about them? Why not let someone know while they are alive? My aunt wrote me and told me how much my tribute meant to her. If someone you love has died, you can still write a tribute to give to those who loved them or a poem or story in their memory.

One time, my sister gave me what she called a “praise bouquet” filled with encouraging, affirming traits she saw in me. Her gift greatly encouraged my heart. I’ve done the same for her. We encouraged each other with our gifts of writing.

One of my adopted sons is especially gifted with words and has written me letters filled with encouragement. One of my adopted daughters has written me the sweetest little love notes or thank yous. These gifts of writing bless my heart.

A friend wrote something for my birthday, rolled it up, tied it with pretty ribbon, and put it in a beautiful gift box.  Her gift charmed me with her creativity and effort.

Another time, I wrote a Christmas story about one of my adopted daughters and got it published in the Chicken Soup book series. Even if I had not gotten it published, the story is there for her to bring back a special memory. I also wrote a story about some childhood memories to leave a legacy for my children and in this way give them the gift of writing.

What can you give in writing as a gift?

5 Ideas to Share Your Heart with the Gift of Writing

  1. Stories – Write a story about a special occasion, a holiday memory like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation or a birthday or an event from an ordinary day that is worth sharing.
  2. Drama – Write a skit or play and perform it for a special event or create an event to share it.
  3. Song – Write a song and either sing it or have someone sing it for you.
  4. Tribute – Write a letter of encouragement or a letter to honor someone.
  5. Thank you – Send thank you letters on special days or holidays or for any reason to brighten up an ordinary day. Let people know you appreciate them.

Another idea is to give someone the gift of learning how to write. Do you know someone in your life who wants to learn how to write or who enjoys writing and would like to improve their writing skills? Do they have stories to share or a book they want to write? A perfect gift that would delight them is an online writing course. Consider the course I have to offer, “How to Write for Fun and Profit” with proven tips and strategies to make someone’s writing dreams come true!

However, you choose to do so, brighten someone’s day by giving them the gift of writing.

What ideas do you have? What have you done to share a gift of creative writing? Share with us in the comments below.


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Christmas gift Image: Naito8 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

4 Responses to “5 Ideas to Share Your Heart with the Gift of Writing”

  1. Sandra Angelo

    Brilliant idea and brilliant writing… Obviously you would be an excellent teacher if someone wants to take your course.

    This is such a good idea and so well written.

  2. Vicki McCollum

    Sharon, your story about writing a tribute to your elderly aunt stuck a chord with me. In fact, my very first writings to be published were a set of devotions for our denomination’s magazine. One of my devotionals, about seeing Christ in others, was about my uncle, who had lived with MS his whole life and still managed to support his family.

    He even took in and raised four young siblings in foster care. The agency said they’d have to be separated because no one would take all the children together, but my uncle and aunt did. The editor liked the devotion and asked me to write a full article–with pictures. I sent copies to my uncle and his family. They loved it. And it started me on my writing path.

  3. Laura Drumb

    Sharon, This is great! Thanks for sharing this with us. It has given me some practical ways I could honor others – as you said – before they die!

    I had a cousin who wrote me a letter last year at Thanksgiving & she said the same thing, that she had decided that year to thank the people who meant something to her as her way of embracing the spirit of the holiday. I thought that was so sweet – but did I do it this year? No, sad to say. Hadn’t even thought about it until now. How tragic that I have let that slip by me after the impact it made on me last year.

    I cried as I read her sweet words. She & I have not had much contact through the years, having only reconnected via the Internet this past couple of years, & it has been such a blessing to me. Thanks for triggering that regret & once again affirming in my mind how essential it is for me to quit thinking about it and DO it!!

    God has blessed me abundantly. I have many to thank. I may not have much materially but I always have words of creativity & gratitude to offer to others!!

    Laura Drumb

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