Go From Strength to Strength: 5 Tips to Achieve Your Writing Dreams

Do you look longingly at a writing project yet hesitate to do it because you feel uncertain or maybe even a little afraid? Maybe you want to write a book or eBook or start a blog. Perhaps you want to write a story or your memories. Possibly you want to write a presentation or create a product. What writing project would you like to do, but you put it off?

On a recent hiking adventure, I discovered some principles that also apply to facing the challenge of a new writing project and achieving your writing dreams.

I gazed up wistfully at the red rocks in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO. The trail leading up to their heights tempted me. My sister Kathi, who is an avid hiker, affectionately known as the “mountain goat” of the family, had told me that the best views belong to those who dare to hike up into the mountains. I had done little hiking, and the altitude certainly affected my stamina. However, I decided the next day to add to my daily walk, a hike.

The next morning, I pulled into the parking lot near the Garden of the Gods tourist store and noted an adorable dog hanging out the window in the vehicle next to me. I struck up a conversation with the owner, a man half my age. As we chatted, I shared my dream of a hiking adventure. In parting, he looked at me and protectively said, “Pace yourself.”

I walked to the edge of the trail and contemplated the climb. The first part went straight up in a steady climb. As I ascended, my breathing grew heavier, and puffs of red dust covered my shoes. The climb definitely challenged me on this hot August day. I’d pause and glance back at the view of the Pikes Peak mountain range to motivate me to keep going. Finally, remembering the admonition to pace myself, I made my way to the shade of a tree and decided that was enough for the day. As stood there under the tree, the beautiful view of the mountains rewarded me.

The next day, my cousin gave me a ski pole to use as a walking stick. I headed out again and with the pole to stabilize me. I climbed further up into the rocks, pushing myself a little further. Once I climbed up onto the large red rocks, I savored the accomplishment and an even greater view of the mountain range.

On the third day, with the pole, I climbed way high into the rocks and saw a more stunning view. The contrast of the red rocks against the mountain range captivated me.

On the fourth day, I forgot the pole in the car and wondered how I would do. However, I need not have been concerned because I scampered up the trail to the high places. My gradual increase, day by day, built my stamina. Because of my hard work and efforts, I enjoyed the most magnificent views.

An analogy to starting a new writing project came to mind.

At first, your next writing project or learning how to write may seem a little scary or difficult. You will find yourself out of your comfort zone as you embrace an unfamiliar path. At the same time, you desire a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Here are some principles I gleaned from my hike, that will help you move from wistfully desiring to write to a pleasurable sense of accomplishment.

5 Tips to Achieve Your Writing Dreams

*Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Be willing to take the risk and embrace the challenge. As I gazed up at the heights of the trail where I wanted to be, I had to decide to push out of my comfort zone.

*Take the first step. The first step is often the hardest. Once you start, you will find it easier to keep the momentum going. If I was going to enjoy the desired views, I had to start climbing.

*Keep your eye on the view you’ll see or the goal you’ll achieve. This will keep your motivation going. Pleasure motivates us. The pleasure of accomplishment comes to those willing to do the pain of the hard work. As the climb grew harder, the pleasure of the view I would see inspired me to keep going.

*Take action and practice. The more you take action, the better you get and the greater views you will see. Think of the Olympians. Through repeated practice, they win the gold. The more you take action and practice your writing, the better you will get. You will gain more confidence, especially if you are learning how to write better, implementing and refining your writing skills. You will go from strength to strength and level to level as I did in my hiking.

*Seek support. When I shared with my cousin about my hiking, he suggested the ski pole. Other writers can give you tips, which will help you make better progress. You can take an online writing course such as “How to Write for Fun and Profit” or go to a writing conference or join a writing or critique group.

Do these things and you will savor a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, you can enjoy the view each step of the way.

Go now and enjoy the gift of writing!

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