How to Write: Be Willing to Take Risks with Your Writing

Is there something you’ve longed to do, write a book, a story, or a poem? Do you have something new in your business writing you’d like to experiment with? Would you like to write a tribute to someone, write a bio or leave a legacy yourself? Do you feel intimidated or afraid to try a new area?

The other day, I sat at my computer in my sister’s office and suddenly a man dropped down on ropes in a harness on a small ledge outside the window. My sister lives in a highrise condo overlooking the San Diego Bay and I was visiting her and working in her office.

I stood and watched him as he adjusted the ropes and tightened his harness. Then he climbed back on the board. He sat there for a minute and looked out over the Bay. Then a coworker shouted to him from the top of the building where they secured the ropes. Apparently that was the signal he waited for because he swung down and began his job of washing the windows.

I thought about how scary it must have been for him in the beginning
when he first learned how to secure himself in the harness and then scale the heights of buildings to do his work. I’m sure he practiced quite a bit and had someone instruct him before he risked going to the top of a large building and dropping down off the ledge.

However, once he learned how to handle himself and the harness, he had to take the risk and jump off the side of the building. He wasn’t going to get anywhere if he simply learned how to do it but stayed on the ground.

As I contemplated this, I thought about how this relates to writing. At first when you learn how to write or learn something new in writing, there are techniques and strategies to follow. Someone can teach you how to write through books, writer’s conferences or online classes.

At some point however, you have to be willing to jump off the side of the building and take the risk. If you’ve learned your lessons on how to write well, you can make adjustments as the window washer did. However, you are not going to be able to get the job done until you are willing to climb up on the heights and do it.

Like the window washer had coworkers to support him, you can have a writing coach, belong to writer’s groups or have writer friends support you. In fact, it’s essential that you do.  You can go much further with support than without.

Take Risks in Your Writing and Enjoy the View from High Places!

Once you risk and take the plunge into a new area you can enjoy the view and soar up to heights others only dream about. You can confidently dangle on the side of scary places secure in your knowledge of how to handle yourself. You can do writing others admire but would not invest the time to be trained.

Learn the techniques and strategies of good writing whether you are just beginning, adding more skills or advancing into new areas. Learn, risk and jump and you will enjoy the high places!

How about you? What areas are new for you that you would like to try in writing? What can you do to get the support you need to move to the next level? I’d love to hear from you. Enter your comments in the box below.


4 Responses to “How to Write: Be Willing to Take Risks with Your Writing”

  1. Helen Raptoplous

    What a great post Sharon! I was pulled right into the story and couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. The photos really helped me to visualize what you were talking about.

    What I need to try more in my writing, is adding stories. You do it so well and I know I can learn a lot from you. I have your course and I am excited to follow your lesson plan. You showed the perfect example here of adding a story that also had a point and a lesson to it.

    Thank you for doing what you love and sharing such great value. Your passion really comes through in your writing!!


  2. Holly Ralston-Oyler


    What a wonderful post. Like Helen said, you pulled me right into the story and I now know what a window washer can teach me about writing. I love that you tell such wonderful stories in all your writing. I can’t wait to get started with your course.


  3. Sharon Gibson

    Thank you Helen for your encouraging words.
    They are much appreciated!

    I am excited that you are taking my “How to Write for Fun and Profit” home study course. I look forward to watching you grow in learning how to add pizzazz to your online business writing!

    You have so many good things to say about how to be productive. Sometimes saying something creatively makes a way for people to grasp your message and/or have it reinforced so they can have the full benefit from what you have to share.

    Thanks for stopping by with your passion and energy.

    Enjoy the Gift of Writing!

  4. Sharon Gibson

    Holly, thank you for your encouraging words too!
    I bet you will never look at a window washer again without being inspired.
    I am excited to work with you too and see how we can draw people to your message with creative approaches. That will be fun!

    Enjoy the Gift of Writing!