How to Write: Grab Your Reader’s Attention and Don’t Let Them Go!

Are you able to grab your reader’s attention and not let them go?

I don’t normally watch much TV but my friend likes to watch cooking shows. One evening, when, “Next Food Network Star,” was on, I plopped down on the couch to watch it with her. I intended to only take a break for a few minutes and then go back to work on my computer.

However, the cooking of the exotic dishes intrigued me and it turned out to be a competition. At each commercial break, they left you with a question you wanted to know the answer to, so I stayed right there to find out the answer. Without planning to, I had watched the majority of the hour-long show.

After 45 minutes, I glanced at the clock, “Oh no, they’ve got me so intrigued in this show. I’ve got other things to do but I can’t leave until I see who wins!” I remarked to my friend. Reluctantly, I stayed until the end to see who they eliminated from the competition.

They hooked me!

They used classic techniques and strategies to keep me riveted through all the commercials and segments. The drama, questions and music all built up to the punch at the end.

How about you? Are you using strategies and techniques in your stories, articles or posts to keep your reader’s attention. Have you ever used questions and drama to grab your reader so they won’t leave? If you watch some of these shows, notice the strategies they use to keep you hooked. When you read, notice what keeps your attention until the end.

For example, speaking of drama, a friend of mine has an online business which focuses on good customer service. In one article, she included a customer service horror story that illustrated her point. When you read the story, she intrigued you enough to stay with it to see how the story turned out.

Don’t be afraid to focus on the drama in your story or business writing to make a point. People love drama! You will keep their attention and you will have fun writing it too.

If you want to learn more of these intriguing strategies, take my “How to Write for Fun and Profit” online home study course. You will learn to grab your reader’s attention and not let them go!

How about you? How are going to compete to be the next All American Writing Star in your business niche or with your story?



8 Responses to “How to Write: Grab Your Reader’s Attention and Don’t Let Them Go!”

  1. Helen Raptoplous

    I have watched these reality challenges and found them to be just amazing at keeping me interested! I could relate to exactly what you said about thinking I’d just watch for a minute then getting hooked and sitting on the edge of my seat. I’d love to be able to do that with my writing and with my customers. I never thought about that as it relates to writing and my business, but you sure have me thinking about it now!! Thank you Sharon, I’ll work on this skill and see what I can do with my next presentation.


  2. Yvonne A Jones

    As bloggers we’re always encouraged to keep an open mind and get ideas from everyday life all around us; but I never thought of a cooking competition or perhaps any other reality show!

    Thank you for sharing that viewpoint. Like you, I don’t watch too much television and believe it or not I get quite a bit of inspiration from the Comics. Your post may be the nudge I needed to watch a little more to see what draws people and holds their attention so I can do the same in my writing.

    Thank you. Excellent post.

  3. Sharon Gibson

    Thank you Yvonne for your comments. I am sure the Comics would give you inspiration too. It’s amazing what we can learn when we open our ears to hear and our eyes to see!

    Enjoy the journey!

  4. Elise Daly Parker

    Such a good reminder to be a student of all things to be a good writer!

  5. Sharon Rose Gibson

    Yes, Elise and it makes life and writing more fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Shari England

    Just signed up Sharon. Can’t wait to get started.

  7. ABCfamily

    this doesnt help me write an attention graber story

  8. Katina Vaselopulos

    Sounds great, Sharon! There are some family and health issues I need to deal with first and then will get back to you about it.

    Wishing you all the best…and a happy new year!