How to Write: Share Your Stories While You Can

Do you have stories to write but you haven’t gotten around to it? Do you want to share your stories with others to help them?

At an English Tea Room during the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, I met a couple of retired women dressed in color coordinated outfits with matching hats and purses. They asked what I did and when I shared that I am a writer, we started talking about learning how to write to leave a legacy for your family. One of the women said, “I need to learn how to write my life stories so my children and grandchildren can know me.” She laughed, “I want my children to know why I like the color blue.”

A father of two teenagers shared with me,“I have so many thing I would like to say to teenagers to warn them about some of the things that trapped me and how to avoid them. I’d like to share some of the lessons I learned but do it in a way that won’t bore them.”

A retired friend shared with me, “I believe some of my life experiences would inspire others and show how God worked in my life. I don’t know how to write the stories.”

Another young adult man said, “I would like to write humorous stories from my life that would teach lessons in a fun way but I know I need to learn how to write.”

An additional friend confided,“I have some amazing stories to share about miracles that have happened in my life. I know these are stories that need to be told but I can’t seem to find the time.”

How about you? What stories do you to tell? Many of us have stories to share but they are locked up in our hearts like items in a storage bin. We haven’t thrown them away but they are not being used and shared with others. Think of the difference your stories could make if you would get them out there and share them!

This week a beautiful friend died of age 49 with brain cancer. She generously gave of her time, her wisdom and her care to so many of us as well as loving her own family of seven children. She invested her life in others and in her kind and gentle way made a huge difference in my life and all she touched. The flowers at her graveside spoke of the beauty of her life. She loved well and we will miss her. However, in her final days, she wondered, “Did I do enough? Did I love enough? Is there more I could have done?”

How about you? Do you have stories you want to tell but you have not shared them. What if someone’s life could be changed for the better by what you write? Would it be worth the effort? If something happened to you, would you have written all you wanted to?

If you are not sure how to write and need some support and encouragement in creative writing, check out the “How to Write for Fun and Profit” online course. If you are like my friend who feels pressed for time, I’ve divided the course into segments you can read and do the assignments in 15 minutes segments. I would be delighted to support you as you learn creative writing to be able to share your stories.

Whether you take my course of not, the important thing is to write. Don’t leave this world without sharing your treasures with your family, friends and the world!

3 Responses to “How to Write: Share Your Stories While You Can”

  1. Sandra Angelo

    Great idea… One should never die with their stories left inside.
    Time to learn to write.

  2. Sandra

    This is such a great idea. I read stories from Guideposts or Chicken Soup or other books every day and those stories change and mold me. Writing can change the lives of millions or just help you communicate with those you love.

    I plan to leave a legacy with my writing.

    It’s cool that you divided your lessons into snippets so that anyone can squeeze them into a crowded schedule. And your price is so reasonable… for a skill that lasts a lifetime.

  3. Shari England

    I feel it is also important to point out the obvious gifts in others, especially children, when we see those gifts expressed in one way or another. I did not “see” the creative gifts God had given me as a child. I just thought I was a little strange. Even after taking a Creative Writing course (we HAD to take it) in high school, and winning a Guidepost writing contest, I was still clueless that this was something I should work to hone. God’s word says to “train a child in the way he should go”. I believe we can also apply this to the way we are bent toward a certain attribute or gifting. I could be about 15 years more ahead in writing has I started young. But… all things work together for our good and His glory. Thank you Sharon.