Set yourself apart from the crowd!
Pursue excellent writing!
Be skillful in your writing! 

Would you like to be a skilled writer? Would you like to make a significant difference in the world? Would you like to have feedback with editing support as you improve your skills in the craft of writing?

I can help you do so. My specialty is a teaching edit. In other words, as you receive edits, you also learn to be a skillful writer.

I have studied the craft of writing for over twenty years. I’ve attended numerous writing conferences with top-quality instructors, taken writing courses, and read zillion books on the craft of writing. I have a degree in Speech Communications and Human Relations. You will find testimonials from satisfied writers as you read on here.

Anyone can write a book, blog, or story. Many people have a message to share, but not everyone knows the craft of writing. Your brilliant message will be wasted if your writing is inferior.

Good writing will enhance your credibility. Even bestselling authors who know the craft of writing submit their writing for feedback and critiques. They seek out other good writers and editors for input.

I want to challenge you to pursue excellence in your writing. This will set you up for success in achieving your writing dreams. Pursuing excellence means you accept yourself at the level you are, but you continually strive to move to the next level. From strength to strength and from glory to glory.

I can help you achieve this. I’ve been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and the Best of series, as well as other anthologies and magazines. I’ve proven my ability to write a story that sells. I’ve also self-published three books. I can do line editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

I also offer nonfiction content editing with a teaching component to bring out the outstanding writer in you! I will edit in line with professional writing guidelines and creative nonfiction writing techniques. I will also share with you skillful writing guidelines so you can learn and grow as an artist.

When I edit or critique, I look at the overall content to see how your writing flows.

  • Organization.
    • I will exam the structure of the chapter, story, or blog post to see if it is organized.
    • I look for your focus to make sure you’re not rambling in your writing.
    • I will make sure you captivate your reader’s attention at the beginning, holding it in the middle and ending with a punch.
    • I will make sure your message and points are clear.
  • Cut the fat.
    • I analyze your writing to see if it is clear and makes sense to the reader.
    • I cut out the excess to make your writing tighter.
    • I look for sentence structure, run-on sentences, and sentence fragments.
    • I will analyze your paragraphs to see if they transition well and if they are too long.
    • I will delete repetitions. I will delete words or change them to use other words.
  • Clarity.
    • I look for punctuation and grammar errors.
    • I make sure your pronoun and tenses are consistent.
    • I watch for the correctness of a particular noun (names of place, person, object, etc).
    • I make sure the sources of quotation(s) and quotation marks are added.
    • I check to make sure the title and content work together and suggest title modifications.
  • Creative writing.
    • I’ll advise how you can use active versus passive verbs to give your writing more energy.
    • I will make sure you can “show versus tell” to make your writing more compelling to your reader.
    • I will support you in finding your voice and do my best to retain your voice.

In this process, you will also learn how to improve and grow as a writer.

Here’s what others say.

Sharon Gibson is an amazing teacher, writer, and editor. In editing my work, Sharon helped me to see how something could be said in a more concise way, and how to make my work more appealing to a wider cross-section of readers.

Her work ethic is admirable as she honors her word and your timetable. I highly recommend Sharon for her writing and editing services, as well as her programs to become a better writer.

Yvonne A. Jones, small business coach, and mentor,

“Sharon has been so helpful to me. She encouraged and supported me as I dove deeper into the craft of writing. Her edits and critiques gave me insights into my voice, style, and even some of my most common grammatical mistakes. Her impute has helped me to hone my skills and grow as a writer.” Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome – Author, small business coach, and mentor,

I got to know Sharon last summer when she was the editor for our Christmas Anthology, “The True Meaning of Giving: Daily December Devotions to Delight Your Soul.” Sharon was an outstanding editor. She was thorough, kind, and very encouraging. She made us dig deep and led us to improve our pieces. I learned a ton from her! I liked Sharon’s editing style, so much so that she was the editor of my book, ‘The Peaceful Soul: Grow Closer to God with an Easy At-Home Spiritual Retreat.”

If you could have someone:

  • Make sure your book, story, or blog has good quality writing and your message is clear.
  • Ensure your writing has focus and captures your reader’s attention.
  • Review your story before you submit it for publication so it will stand out to editors.
  • Make sure your blog post or article is written well in line with good writing guidelines.
  • Review your opt-in page to make sure it grabs your reader’s attention in line with good copywriting.
  • Help you engage your reader to make money or to make a significant impact on their lives.

Would you be interested?

If so, this service is for you!

Depending on the project and on how much editing is needed, rates may be negotiable. Email me with your project ideas and sample writing, and we can see what we can work out. info(at) Rates are dependent on how much editing is needed. For extensive editing, rates will be more. For less editing, rates will be less.

I offer coaching/teaching to discuss your writing and personalize advice to help you improve your writing, move you from Stuck to success, set goals, explore ways to support your productivity, support you in discovering your voice, your message, and your writing style.

Send me an email at info(at) to set up a time to talk about what you need and what I have to offer.

I also have a writing course, “How to Write for Fun and Profit.” I would love to teach you how to pursue excellence in writing, move to the next level in your writing skills, and offer personalized encouragement as you develop your skills in the craft of writing.

“Sharon’s ability to present writing techniques is unique and refreshing, and her positive encouragement, empowering.  I’ve talked for years about submitting articles for possible publication, but Sharon helped me make it happen.  She has amazing stories to tell and has been through trials that would cripple many. Yet she has persevered and pursued her dreams to help others find their destiny.

Her heart of encouragement and sharing as been such a blessing to me.” Bonnie Burtraw

“Sharon is rock solid at getting projects completed on schedule.  She is generously helpful, a delight to work with and a true inspiration to everyone involved.  She brings clarity and calm as the deadline draws near.  This is a rare and special quality and makes all the difference when the going gets tough.   

Sharon is an invaluable team member and an excellent manager of time and materials.  She is very sensitive to the ideas and needs of her clients, and can be counted on to keep things on track until we cross the finish line.” Columbia Jones