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How to Write ~ Celebrate Your Achievements

Do you take time to celebrate your writing achievements? As you achieve new levels with your creative writing, do you stop and give yourself a reward? 

When you accomplish a writing goal, large or small, take time to recognize your accomplishments.

When I completed creating my writing course, “How to Write for Fun and Profit,” I texted my adult son, with excitement over my accomplishment. I put in a lot of hard work and a great deal of effort to make it a quality writing course to help people learn how to write and for writers to advance their creative writing skills.  

This was the first product I’ve ever created so I felt it was an milestone. He said, “Hey mom, that is something to celebrate! What are you doing for lunch? I will take you out to La Hacienda.”

This happened to be my favorite local Mexican restaurant so my heart filled with joy, “That sounds great, I would love that!”

We went to the restaurant and sat down, he looked at me and smiled, “Mom, I’m so proud of you. I know it has not been easy but you persevered. Now let’s celebrate your success.” My heart thrilled at his words and his intentional celebration with me.

Sometimes we get so busy with life, we don’t take time to celebrate our accomplishments and others achievements as we go along.

A friend completed a creative writing course she had been working on for two years learning how to write. One night she called me up, “I want to celebrate finishing this writing course. You’ve supported and encouraged me all along the way. My family and I and another friend are going to get together tonight and we’d love to have you come!”

I had a lot on my to do list but decided to take time out to recognize this milestone with her. She ordered a variety of Thai food to take out to her home and we had a mini buffet! We enjoyed the tasty food and toasted her achievement. She learned how to write. So proud of her!

This is good! We need to take time to recognize, support and encourage each other’s progress.

When I published my first book, “From Stuck to Success: Conquer Your Fears and Achieve Your Writing Dreams,” my friend called me up and said, “I’d love to take you to lunch to celebrate.” WeA-IMG_6567 had a great time a with delicious food at an upscale local restaurant. 

Think about ways you can celebrate even little achievements as well as the bigger ones normally celebrated.

Often when I see someone’s accomplishment in social media such as facebook, I make sure to recognize and celebrate with them. Other times, I’ll send someone a card or an ecard. When my kids get awards in school, I’ll take them our for ice cream.

What ideas can you come up with?

It’s important to take time to celebrate your own, your families’ and friends accomplishments.

Celebration, affirmation and encouragement motivates us to grow the next level and be all that we can be!

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