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Achieve Your Writing Dreams By Creating Momemtum

Do you have a goal, dream or desire in your heart you want to pursue?

Yesterday in my daily writing challenge group, the writing prompt invited us to look back on our writing goals. They suggested we look at our progress and write about what we didn’t expect.

More than a year has gone by since I started the challenge to write daily. I’m in my second year of the writing discipline. I share because the principle applies to any dream you pursue. By sharing my experience, I hope it will encourage you to persist in pursuing your dreams.

Girl writing in journal ID-10029320One thing I didn’t expect is the momentum gained in the challenge to write daily. The longer I meet the writing goals, the more this drives me.

Many times when I’ve been tempted to quit, I cannot because of the momentum. I don’t know how to describe this phenomenon, but action produces action and keeps me going. I miss a day occasionally.

Still, I find it easier to go for it again because of the momentum. At times I want to give it up and quit the challenge, but I cannot. Part of it is because I find writing rewarding. I feel a sense of satisfaction after I’ve made my writing goal for the day.

Other benefits reward me.
I feel a sense of satisfaction of the insight that comes from writing and reflecting on life’s experiences.
Sometimes what I wrote, fits in with one of my stories I want to preserve for my legacy.

Writing daily improves my writing skills. Editing comes easier.

Momentum brings all these benefits.
Action after action creates the driving force and keeps the energy going.

More than a year has gone by since I started the challenge to write daily and now I’m in my second year of the writing discipline.

Discipline is difficult, but it brings rewards. The momentum created by the discipline is a pleasant surprise.

The secret is consistency. Consistency creates momentum. Momentum keeps you going.
The key to developing consistency is finding encouragement, support, and accountability.
For this reason, I created a writing group where you can find encouragement, support, and accountability by clicking here. 
These three factors can help you develop a habit and keep you consistent.

Pursue your dreams with consistent action. Create momentum. You will experience the satisfaction of achieving your goals!

This proverb encourages me and I hope it will you as well in the pursuit of your dreams. “The desires of the diligent will be fully satisfied.” Proverbs 13:4 (NIV)


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Writing Motivation ~ Do You Have This Key To Success In Your Writing?

Do you have challenges in meeting your writing goals? Even if writing is something you want to do, do you sometimes feel challenged to fulfill that desire?

Yesterday, I spent the day with my active grandsons on their last day before school started. Though they’re the joy of my life, we had some challenges that took all the energy I had.

When I arrived home, the last thing I wanted to do is to write. All I wanted to do is fall into bed.

However, I’ve committed to writing every day so rather than go to bed, I sat down at my computer to complete my writing goal for the day.

Additionally, I had some things come up and challenges getting this post written today. However, I managed to find some time and got it done!

What drove me? What key principle of success did I draw on?

When you don’t feel like writing what can you do to achieve your writing desires?

Discipline.Girl holding a big pen ID-100155119

One of the definitions for discipline in Webster’s dictionary is self-control, “restraint over one’s own impulses, emotions or desires.”

3 Writing Motivation Tips

  1. Rewards of discipline. Discipline is not comfortable but at least there is a reward. Lack of discipline may be easier but you will live with the bitter fruit of dissatisfaction.
  2. Choices have consequences. You’ll experience the consequences either way, one pleasant and one not. Your choice makes the difference.
  3. Keep the end in mind. When you’re not motivated to write, think of the end result of your choice. Do you want to be satisfied or dissatisfied?

You can find a lot more tips and insights in the book I wrote to encourage writers to pursue their writing dreams. “From Stuck to Success: Conquer Your Fears and Achieve Your Writing dreams.” You can find it on Amazon Kindle.

If you want to learn to write or write better, check out “How to write for Fun and Profit.  I’d love to teach you how to write or write better and encourage you in your writing.

In the meantime, I encourage you to experience the rewards of discipline in your writing. I feel satisfied now that I’ve met my writing goal and wrote this blog post.

How about you? What can you write today that will bring you satisfaction?

Go Write NOW!



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How to Write: Have Fun Creating Word Pictures

Do you enjoy word pictures? Does it stimulate your creativity to create them with your writing?

I love to read good word pictures and I enjoy crafting them. Here’s one I created the other day. I had fun with it so I thought I’d share it with you and see if it would inspire you to create your own.

My sister and I sat in the lovely outdoor setting of the Carlsbad Inn in southern California gazing at the flowers and enjoying lively music from the sixties.

Suddenly, a woman with grey hair who looked to be about seventy-five, rounded the corner. Her bright pink shirt covered her protruding tummy as she swayed from side to side to the music. She walked/danced in rhythm with the beat as she made her way to her family gathered on the lawn under the umbrella. The look of joy on her face captivated me and drew me to her charm.

Age gave her freedom. She no longer felt she had to had to hold in her stomach in or worry about six pack abs. She was free to move, free to express and share the joy of life in a charming dance.

Could you see the woman and get the sense of freedom and energy here? How much more interesting than saying, “We enjoyed watching a seventy-five year old woman dancing.”

She taught my sister and I a lesson that day as well. Continue with the joy of living into old age.

As you read this, think about what can you do to create word pictures? If you want to learn how, study the craft of creative writing and learn the insider writing strategies. As always, you can learn how to do this when you sign up for “How to Write for Fun and Profit” writing course.

If you implement this writing tip, you will capture your readers attention and keep them engaged with your writing and your message.

Take some time now if you can. Pull out your paintbrush (pen) and paint a word picture. If you do, share it with us in the comments below so  we can enjoy it too!


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How to Write ~ Celebrate Your Achievements

Do you take time to celebrate your writing achievements? As you achieve new levels with your creative writing, do you stop and give yourself a reward? 

When you accomplish a writing goal, large or small, take time to recognize your accomplishments.

When I completed creating my writing course, “How to Write for Fun and Profit,” I texted my adult son, with excitement over my accomplishment. I put in a lot of hard work and a great deal of effort to make it a quality writing course to help people learn how to write and for writers to advance their creative writing skills.  

This was the first product I’ve ever created so I felt it was an milestone. He said, “Hey mom, that is something to celebrate! What are you doing for lunch? I will take you out to La Hacienda.”

This happened to be my favorite local Mexican restaurant so my heart filled with joy, “That sounds great, I would love that!”

We went to the restaurant and sat down, he looked at me and smiled, “Mom, I’m so proud of you. I know it has not been easy but you persevered. Now let’s celebrate your success.” My heart thrilled at his words and his intentional celebration with me.

Sometimes we get so busy with life, we don’t take time to celebrate our accomplishments and others achievements as we go along.

A friend completed a creative writing course she had been working on for two years learning how to write. One night she called me up, “I want to celebrate finishing this writing course. You’ve supported and encouraged me all along the way. My family and I and another friend are going to get together tonight and we’d love to have you come!”

I had a lot on my to do list but decided to take time out to recognize this milestone with her. She ordered a variety of Thai food to take out to her home and we had a mini buffet! We enjoyed the tasty food and toasted her achievement. She learned how to write. So proud of her!

This is good! We need to take time to recognize, support and encourage each other’s progress.

When I published my first book, “From Stuck to Success: Conquer Your Fears and Achieve Your Writing Dreams,” my friend called me up and said, “I’d love to take you to lunch to celebrate.” WeA-IMG_6567 had a great time a with delicious food at an upscale local restaurant. 

Think about ways you can celebrate even little achievements as well as the bigger ones normally celebrated.

Often when I see someone’s accomplishment in social media such as facebook, I make sure to recognize and celebrate with them. Other times, I’ll send someone a card or an ecard. When my kids get awards in school, I’ll take them our for ice cream.

What ideas can you come up with?

It’s important to take time to celebrate your own, your families’ and friends accomplishments.

Celebration, affirmation and encouragement motivates us to grow the next level and be all that we can be!

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