Write Your Story NOW

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Chicken Soup Author, Sharon Rose Gibson

Everyone has a story to tell. Now is the time for you to write your stories!

Write Your Story NOW encourages, empowers and equips you to strengthen your family, community, and nation by writing and sharing your stories.

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When you take the time to write your stories, you can share a legacy your loved ones will treasure.

  • Write your stories of faith, miracles and life lessons.
  •  Share stories of how you developed character traits such as taking responsibility, learning to persevere through hard times and much more. Share the wisdom you gained.
  • Equip the next generation to overcome the challenges they face.

Successful Chicken Soup author, Sharon Rose Gibson,
takes writing strategies successful writers use to create best-selling books and 
makes them simple. With these writing secrets, you’ll be able to create a legacy your loved ones will read and treasure.