How to Write: Find Time to Improve Your Writing Skills

Recently, I went to a soccer game to watch my son play soccer for the middle school team. I sat by my daughter who plays soccer for the high school. I asked her, “What do enjoy the most when you play soccer? What is your strength?” She shared with me her strength.

Then I asked her, “What do you like to do in soccer?”

She said, “I like to dribble but I am not very good at it,” she sighed.

We both paused to cheer my son who made a good kick.

I challenged her, “What if you took 15 minutes a day maybe 5 days a week to practice dribbling, what would happen?”

She turned her head from watching the game and smiled, “I would get better.”

“Exactly, see it doesn’t take large quantities of time to improve. This is what I teach in writing but there is no reason why the principal can’t apply to you.”

She nodded and turned back to watching the game.

My daughter has a challenging schedule. As an athlete, she practices soccer every day after school and she is in accelerated classes at school so her homework load is heavy. She doesn’t have a lot of extra time but she can take small increments of time to improve a skill she likes doing.

How does this apply to writing?

There may be a facet of writing that is strong for you and you don’t need to spend time working on that part because it is an area you and do well and feel confident. However, maybe there is another writing area that you would like to do but your skills are weak. You too may have a challenging schedule but you can take 15 minutes a day to write in that particular area?

Or maybe there is a new area of writing you want to learn. For example, maybe you are good at business writing but you want to learn creative writing to write a story. Or maybe you are good at non-fiction writing but you would like to learn how to write fiction.

While practice will help you improve, you also need knowledge. Knowledge is power so you will want to gain a new level of understanding to master a new skill. You can do this through research on the Internet or by reading books on the technique you want to know about. Also, you can take my basic home study course on “How to Write for Fun and Profit” which covers a number of aspects of writing. Additionally, I offer coaching if you want support in your endeavors. As we work together on a specific skill, you will see a dramatic increase in your ability.

Take some time to grow in your knowledge and practice, even if it is in 15 minute increments. You will see measureable results in your writing. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by this investment. You will start reaping the benefits and enjoy the deep down satisfaction that comes with progress toward fulfillment of a worthy desire.

Having said all that;

Go Write Now!

P.S. What areas are you strong in your writing? Where do you feel the need to grow? Write your thoughts about this post in the comments below.


2 Responses to “How to Write: Find Time to Improve Your Writing Skills”

  1. Columbia Jones

    Hi Sharon,

    You are so right. 15 minutes times 5 days a week consistently applied over 30-90 days will make a huge difference in your skill level at anything. That was very good advice you gave your daughter and it is definitely going to make a difference to a writer.

    It is so interesting that we so infrequently manage to apply that 15 minute commitment to anything.

  2. Sharon Gibson

    Yes, Columbia, we do forget to apply that 15 minute commitment but it does work wonders.
    It is amazing what you can accomplish in small chunks of time!
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Best to you,