What I Learned From My Daily Writing Challenge

One year ago in January, 2014 I joined a writing group, challenging us to write 500 words daily. Jeff Goins who started the group asked us today, what we’ve learned as a result of the writing challenge.

Here’s some of the many things I’ve learned.

  • I can reign in my creative self to be disciplined enough to write consistently on a daily basis.
  • I need to know someone cares what I have to say and is listening, caring and following even if it’s few. Encouragement, support and accountability is vital.
  • Writing daily is a whole lot harder than I ever thought and a whole lot easier once I’ve got the momentum going.
  • I have more stories, lessons learned, wisdom nuggets to write and share than I ever dreamed.
  • I feel relieved when I write because the weight of what’s in my heart is now out of me and recorded.
  • Writing improves with the sheer practice of doing it.
  • I still make many mistakes and it’s okay because the most important thing is to get it written and out there.

When you stretch yourself to exercise a new discipline, if you’ll stay with it, the discipline will reward you. You will experience the rewards of your diligence in many ways both subtle and obvious.

Go write NOW.
Enjoy the Gift of Writing!

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